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“Where words fail, music speaks”



A Life Steeped in Sound

Hailing from Brighton, Nusoul Management are always pushing to achieve more success in their creative music environment. Always looking to develop their technical abilities and push for new sounds, Nusoul Management and Studios draw upon their experience and lifelong passion for music. Get in touch to learn more about our background, studios, experience, and latest management projects.



Everything You Need



NuSoul Management present Gigs at the Voicehut. An opportunity to play at one of Brighton's hidden gems.



Recording, remixing and mastering for your work.

Expert advice & session players available.

Modern and vintage equipment to suit all tastes.

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Artist Management


Artist management, promotion, tuition and careers advice


Fantastic Opportunity


NuSoul Studios and Music Management

Historically Brighton has been famous for Compilation Albums.

From the 70’s, 80’s and beyond there were the Vaultage Albums and more

but more recently the tradition of showcasing our local talent has died out.

NuSoul Management plan to initially produce two Albums, showcasing the best in the area.

This is a labour of love for us, so we will absorb almost all the various costs, asking only for a small token contribution to a Charity. All profits from the album to be donated to Charity. 

if accepted you will receive your song fully mixed and mastered, receive guaranteed airplay and be promoted on our own station and various social media.

To support the releases we will be running the Best of Brighton Live Festival showcasing every artist featured (as soon as Covid allows)

On acceptance you would be invited to record at NuSoul Studios, although in exceptional cases we may use your own recording (if the quality is high enough)

The first Album will be The Best of Brighton-Acoustic.

Having enjoyed your work and featured you on our stations, we would like to give you the opportunity to be considered for this first Album.

Please call Gary 07799776773 or Simon 07794565277 to discuss further.

“Where words fail, music speaks”


NuSoul Education

Level 1 and Level 2 In Arts Awards


NuSoul Union


The Sound of Nusoul Management and Studios

Listen to some of the best bands and artists in Sussex on our own radio station
Live sessions and great music
Contact us if you would like to feature.
BSS2020 Acoustic Mix every Saturday 3pm
NuSoul Studios Radio Show 4pm every Saturday
Click on pictures for more info on other great shows (desktop only)

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Acoustic Mix Show
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The Daisy Show


The Voicehut, WYC Basement, Warren Rd, Woodingdean, England BN2 6BB

07799776773 or 07794565277

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